Tricia and Bob’s Family Leave Story

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We are fighting to make sure all new parents in California have access to paid family leave. Call Governor Brown at (916) 445-2841 and urge him to sign SB 63. Can’t get through? Sign the petition here.

Thanks to the California Work and Family Coalition and Ree Ree Li for connecting us with Tricia and Bob and recording this story

Tricia and Bob’s Family Leave Story

Tricia was an elementary education teacher prior to having her two eldest children, and Bob is a physician at a hospital.

Bob: “When Tricia was pregnant with Oliver, we discovered he had birth defects. It was a high risk pregnancy. He was born at a children’s hospital and was immediately put on a ventilator and taken to a nursery. We were staying there in and by the hospital around the clock for an extended period of time.”

Tricia: “So that’s why he took parental leave to stay together to watch over Oliver. We also had 4 year old twins. It was really important that he could take time off to take care of our twins. It was a difficult time.

“The fact that we were single income family, if Bob had not been able to take off work and not be paid through family leave it would’ve been exceptionally difficult because Oliver was so fragile. He was born in Palo Alto, on the 10th but we couldn’t pick him up until the 24th and he had already undergone significant open heart surgery. As you can imagine having to work during that time would’ve been really difficult.”

If you could say something to the governor about parental leave, what would you say?
In our case, there’s a general appearance of new parent leave as “oh this is great family bonding time”. Our case is a subset of how important it is to have this leave if a child is born with significant medical issues, so it is very necessary [to have parental leave]. That really was a very needed lifeline.

We are so grateful to Tricia and Bob for sharing their story, on behalf of their family and millions of others across the state whose families are stronger thanks to paid family leave. Call Governor Brown now and ask him to support families like Tricia and Bob’s by signing SB 63. (916) 445-2841.