YWCA Apartments in San Francisco

The YWCA Apartment building was designed by noted female architect, Julia Morgan. The renovated building has been designated a San Francisco Historical landmark and a National Monument of Nob Hill.013112_ywcasf-100

The YWCA Apartments is a HUD ( Section 202/8) subsidized housing facility for low income elderly, 62 years of age and older, and people with disabilities. The building consists of 97 units: 73 studio units and 24 one-bedroom units. Each unit has its own electric kitchen and bathroom and is equipped with 2 emergency pull cords that are linked to the front office. The apartments are unfurnished.

The rent for the apartment is subsidized by HUD, usually ending up around 30% of the resident’s household¬†income. Rent includes the cost of heating, water and trash disposal, but does not include telephone, cable or electricity. For the convenience of our tenants, laundry facilities are available. As a safety feature, access to the apartments is limited and staff is on site 24 hours a day to respond to all medical and other emergencies. The staff cannot administer medical aid, but can assist the resident in contacting family or calling for emergency aid.

YWCA does not provide any health or living supportive services, and as such persons who sign a lease must be able to  fulfill the term of the lease agreement with or without their own support. The YWCA Apartments has no housekeeping or nursing staff.