Our voices can be heard, AND it is our job to do The work.

We believe until all of us have equal opportunities regardless of race, class or gender, none of us can truly claim success. That’s why we advocate for racial justice, women’s economic empowerment, and affordable housing.

Check out our brand new Advocacy 101 Guide for first-time advocates!

YWCA San Francisco & Marin takes action on the most critical issues of our time impacting women and people of color because we believe the most effective policies are informed by the people and communities they impact.

When women, people of color, and people who are low-income have a strong voice in the policies that matter to their communities and families, we all do better.

In our efforts to bring about that better world, we train advocates, educate decision-makers, and convene key conversations to spark change. In the first year of our advocacy program, we led the charge in Marin for a $15 minimum wage, helped pass a bill for affordable housing, and convened our first public Stand Against Racism. And we’re just getting started! Sign up for Advocacy Alerts below to see what we do next.


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