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Our 2018 action agenda is here. Join the movement and take action with us! We advocate for racial justice, women’s economic empowerment, and affordable housing.

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Know your rights and responsibilities, take action

California passed 3 key pieces of legislation to protect immigrants in 2017: SB 54, AB 291 and AB 450. Prepare yourself and your workplace to respond to raids by scheduling a YWCA trainer to come to your organization.

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YWCA State Advocacy Agenda – sign here

The YWCAs of California including: YWCA Berkeley/Oakland, YWCA Contra Costa/ Sacramento, YWCA Glendale, YWCA Greater Los Angeles, YWCA Harbor Area, YWCA Monterey County, YWCA North Orange County, YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley, YWCA San Diego County, YWCA San Francisco & Marin, YWCA San Gabriel Valley, YWCA Silicon Valley, and YWCA Watsonville are leveraging our collective and unified voice to advocate for immigrants in the communities we serve. Sign on to our agenda addressing the criminalization of people of color by promoting policies and practices that eliminate unjust deportation and over-surveillance of immigrant communities.

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PROTECT the dreamers – sign here

Immigrants are essential for California. This year we passed the California Values Act (SB 54). “To the millions of undocumented residents pursuing and contributing to the California Dream, the State of California will be your wall of justice should the incoming Administration adopt an inhumane and over-reaching mass-deportation policy,” said Senator de León. “We will not stand by and let the federal government use our state and local agencies to separate mothers from their children.” Click here to urge your Congressperson to support California Values and protect the 800,000 DREAMers.

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California Values Act (SB 54, de León), We Won! Take Action

We value our immigrant neighbors.
Get trained on the new protections in SB 54 and what to do if ICE comes to your workplace. This bill upholds California’s core values of inclusion, equal treatment, community and family unity by ensuring that California’s police departments, schools, hospitals, and courts remain accessible to all Californians. Xenophobia and fear are not California values and distrust between local police and the community makes our streets more dangerous for everyone. The California Values Act protects people we care about in our community and makes us all safer by drawing a clear line between local policing and federal immigration enforcement.

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We advocate for strong family-friendly workplace policies that benefit our whole economy. No one who works full time should live in poverty or have to choose between her health, her family, and her paycheck. Living wages, paid sick days, family and medical leave, and fair scheduling are all key components of making jobs work for women, for people of color, and for the families and communities they support.

Expanded Definition of Family, Take Action

We all need to be able to take care of family, and have family take care of us. And family is way more than just our parents and children. YWCA believes family leave should apply to the broad range of family members we love and care for. We urge our legislators to expand family leave to include our siblings, in-laws, grandparents, grandchildren, and all the people we call family.

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Ending Sexual Harassment, Take Action

Long overdue, and thanks to the work of countless brave women like Tarana Burke, there are nearly a dozen statewide bills addressing sexual harassment in the workplace this year. For the most up-to-date information and ways to push these bills along, sign up for email alerts below and follow along on facebook and twitter.

New Parent Leave (SB 63, Jackson), We Won!

The New Parent Leave Act ensures more new parents would have the right to bond with their children and take the paid leave they already contribute to without fear of losing their jobs. SB 63 is an important way to strengthen protections for working families and build a more equitable workplace. It will especially benefit low-income workers, women, and people of color who all have disproportionately little access to job protected leave.

Sample Tweet: We’re so proud of CA for passing #NewParentLeave and a #StrongerCA for all! @YWCASFMarin

$15 Minimum Wage, We Won!

We were proud to join the Lift Up California coalition in 2016 for a $15 minimum wage and be recognized as a champion community partner. YWCA Advocates collected petition signatures and organized our communities to raise the wages of millions of CA women and people of color. Since 74% of minimum wage workers in California are people of color and over half are women, raising the minimum wage will have an immediate and significant impact on the race- and gender-based wage gaps in our state.

Eliminating racism is central to our mission. We advocate for policies and practices that will move the needle on racial inequity, and we invite our communities to join us in this work. If you want to learn more about racial justice, why it matters, and how to get started, check out our resource library here.

Take The Inclusion Inventory

Many organizations recognize the value of diversity but struggle to maintain highly effective multicultural teams. That’s because diversity alone isn’t enough. YWCA’s unique new program, the Inclusion Inventory, bridges the critical gap between diversity and inclusion. We’ll help you create an environment where people can bring their unique experiences and strengths to the table, without minimizing core aspects of their identity or their culture.

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Stand Against Racism, Take Action

Stand Against Racism is a signature, nation-wide campaign to raise awareness about the negative impact of institutional and structural racism in our communities. This annual event is one part of our larger national strategy to fulfill our mission of eliminating racism. Take the pledge to stand with us!

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Outlaw Racial Profiling in California (AB 953), We Won!

In 2015, we advocated for the passage of AB 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act. This landmark legislation requires law enforcement in California to collect data on stops, detentions, and citizen complaints alleging racial profiling. Racial justice advocates have used this kind of information in places like Ferguson to help address institutional racism and transform law enforcement’s disproportionate negative impacts on communities of color.

As an affordable housing provider, we know firsthand that safe, affordable housing is central to everyone’s well-being, but we face a local housing crisis of unprecedented proportions. That’s why we’re working with partners and bringing our constituents together to promote creative solutions.

Affordable Housing Bond, Action Coming

There will be an effort to place an affordable housing bond on the November 2018 ballot, thanks to legislation passed by our coalition partners at NPH last year (SB 3, Beall). Watch this space! We’ll be calling for volunteers to collect petition signatures and then getting out the word (and the vote) in November.

Flexible Housing & Junior Units (AB 2406, Bonta), We Won!

Our advocates played a key role in passing AB 2406, which creates a simple, inexpensive permitting process for Junior Units (small secondary apartments inside an existing home). This is an immediate and creative solution for our serious shortage of affordable, quality housing. It is especially relevant for the Bay Area, where there is an abundance of large, single-family homes and a deficit of affordable apartment housing. By enabling homeowners to create a separate rental unit within their existing home, Junior Units generate rental income, make it affordable for homeowners to stay in their homes, and simultaneously create much-needed, affordable rental apartments. Learn more about creating Junior Units with Lilypad Homes.

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