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Volunteers are critical to helping us achieve our mission. We are excited to have you working with us! There are a variety of volunteer options with YWCA at our San Francisco and Marin sites. No matter where you volunteer, your talents will make a difference.

We love our volunteers!!!

From Anywhere

Development Campaign Technical Design:

Help the YWCA’s development team format the message and images for our three development campaigns for our upcoming year, allowing us to deepen our engagement with our donor network and improve our response rate with donations. You’ll work within our Constant Contact email service, ensuring maximum visual impact and multi-device responsiveness. Project deadline is end of October 2016.

Website Mission Gifts Launch:

Help YWCA add a “give a gift” element to our website, similar to the Rescue Gifts model used by the International Rescue Committee ( Project deadline is mid-November 2016. There are two key roles for volunteers:

1.    Editorial: Help develop the copy and select the images for YWCA mission gifts, working with the Development Team to make a compelling case for each purchase.

2.    Technical: Build out a new component of YWCA's website that can display and process these gifts.

Voter Registration Drive:

Help us increase civic engagement by hosting a voter registration drive with YWCA! The Advocacy team can work with your company to plan a half-day or one-to-two hour activity, either at your places of business and/or public places that allow local residents to sign up to vote and gives them information on voting deadlines. YWCA will conduct a thirty minute training (either in person or via webinar) in advance of the voter registration drive and provide all materials for the drive. Drives will be scheduled in August, September or October, based on the company’s needs. This event works well for both small and large corporate volunteer groups.

Social Media Copywriter:

Help keep YWCA’s social engagement strong! Donate one hour a week to write social posts and schedule in Hootsuite for distribution through Facebook and Twitter. YWCA staff will provide an editorial calendar and a brand guidebook as educational resources and would review posts before they “go live” to ensure brand consistency.


Resume Coaching:
(Two hours monthly): Serve as a resume coach during the lab session of our one day workshop, Taking Control Express: Resumes and Cover Letters. Help clients create a working draft or complete a resume.

Computer Basics (flexible):
Teach computer basics to first-time users by showing them components of the computer; turning the computer on and off, using the mouse, explaining and demonstrating how to use the browser, navigating the internet, and setting up an email account.

Google Docs (flexible):
Teach a workshop on Google Docs, including how it works, how to share documents, and how to collaborate on content in google docs.

Community Outreach:
Spread the word about YWCA by posting or handing out YWCA flyers at various businesses and nonprofit partners in Marin County.

Office Admin Volunteers:  Help making phone calls and putting together binders and packets.

Marin Women’s Hall of Fame Event (In March):

Help us have a successful event by supporting event operations prior to and on the day of our event.

San Francisco

Food Pantry:
(Monday) Setup 8:45-11:00am: Move thirty-to-forty LB boxes from the sidewalk entrance to YWCA's living room and set up tables. Distribution 2:00-3:30pm: Monitor sign-in sheets and enter data accurately to keep records of distribution. (Tuesday) Cleanup 8:30-9:30am: breakdown empty food boxes.

Computer Lab Volunteer:
(Mon-Fri) 2:30-5pm; bilingual in English and either Cantonese or Mandarin: Assist in the computer lab, showing residents how to turn the computer on and off, open and use an email account, navigate the Internet, and type in Chinese.

Movement Class:
(Mon-Fri) 9:30-10:30am; Cantonese or Russian required: Teach simple exercises, stretches or dance steps to encourage physical activity and socialization. Assist in the development of dance and/or musical performances.

Adopt a Grandparent (flexible):
Cantonese or Russian required: Provide one-on-one interaction for seniors who are homebound, have mobility issues, or have few visitors. Provide help around the house, a walk around the block, simple conversation or learn interesting immigration history.

Gardening and Art Projects (flexible):
Cantonese or Russian required: Pair up with a resident to adopt a garden plot, knit, paint or guide craft projects. Help motivate seniors to get outside, use their hands and be creative.

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